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Whaly Deluxe Consoles

Whaly Deluxe Large

Whaly Deluxe Small

500R80, 500R 

Colors: Black, White, Light Grey

500R80, 500R, 455R, 435R, 400

Colors: Black, White, Light Grey

Base console with hatch cutout and 8" small grab handle: $950

Base Console with SS Grab Handle and Cup Holders: $525

Starboard Rear Hatch with 316 SS Locking Hatch: $205

Windshield Acrylic: $225

Stainless Steel Full Size Grab
Rail: $425

Molded Bait Tank/Cooler with Trim-Lok Gasket: $345

Polished Acrylic Dash With Cutouts for Switch and Gauges (switch and gauges not included): $75

Starboard Storage Gates (one large, one small) with SS Friction Hinges: $175

Starlite XL Seat Upholstery  Substrate: $80

Starlite XL Backrest Upholstery Substrate: $65

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